Re-position Cruise Value

Cash In on a Transition Cruise

Cruise lines have various itineraries that they offer throughout the year. What itinerary works for Alaska in the summer months obviously does not work in the


Now is your chance to visit Hawaii on a cruise and stay! (Image: Bigstock)

dead of winter. So Spring and Fall, these cruise liners must shift to a more favorable climate. In order that they do not sail empty, and because it is a one way cruise, re-positioning cruises are often less expensive than a similar length repeat itinerary in high season. As ships switch over between the Caribbean in winter to the Mediterranean in summer is another popular transition time with one way voyages across the Atlantic. Re-positioning cruises occur all across the globe.

So here are some reasons a transition cruise might be your good news vacation choice:

• If you are looking for a way to relax, many transitioning cruises have fewer ports of call and those included may be unusual and not found on a regular itinerary. For long days at sea at a stretch, look at the ones plying the Atlantic from European routes to the Caribbean itineraries, or visa versa.

• If you are looking for a longer cruise and but still wish to visit a variety of ports of call that usually would require back-to-back itineraries, if even offered, to cover the same route (think Pacific coast of North America through the Panama Canal to the Atlantic coast, or other way round), a transition cruise may be the answer.


For long, relaxing days at sea try a re-position cruise across the Atlantic. (Image: Bigstock)

• Like variety in travel or do you experience that “hate to come back the way you came” feeling? Then cruise one way and fly the reverse. It’s perfect!

• A re-positioning cruise can avoid the travel fatigue we sometimes experience, whether or not it is coupled with jet lag. This can be eliminated on one travel leg of your vacation with a relaxing cruise, and that may be all one needs to make a good vacation a great one.

• The on board offerings do not change just because it is a re-positioning cruise. The fabulous cuisine, room service, entertainment and so on is still there for you to enjoy – and quite often extra themes, enrichment programs, or entertainment may be an added inducement.

• A repositioning cruise is an excellent opportunity to try out a premium or luxury line you may not otherwise consider, because


Learns new skill like salsa dancing or pursue an old interest with added enrichment programs. ( Image: Bigstock)

• And last but not least, This type of cruise is generally discounted, and sometimes substantially so.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. The cruise is discounted but you still have to travel one way by air. Good news is, some cruise lines include the

airfare in the price, or there are fantastically priced cruise and stay packages available through your travel agency .They know where to look for you and will take care of all the details. Just call and say “I have some time for a vacation next spring (or fall) … I would like to know about re-positioning packages.” Once experienced, a re`positioning cruise may become your vacation travel method of choice!

Originally published in Real Travel Experts.

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