In 2016 I took an amazing river cruise from Germany to Hungary along the Danube River with Avalon Waterways.

I’d like to share a  few of my photos of this unforgettable journey with you …

Avalon Waterways is extraordinary in that you have amazing views of the passing scenery right from your stateroom. With french balconies and beds placed facing the windows, you can have access to the incredible vistas of the countryside – even in bed!  The only thing better than the view is enjoying a bottle of wine by your open windows while the world passes by.

Speaking of views … quaint towns, castles, abbeys, monuments, and more are just a glance away.

On a river cruise like this, you stop by many of these old towns, and cities such as Vienna. This is me on the steps of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna.

Many folks enjoy tasting the local fare both on board and ashore. It wasn’t always sausages on the menu- but hey! this was a cruise from Germany to Hungary. I ate my fair share and loved them! The building pictured is the oldest sausage factory in Europe.

I can’t leave you without sharing a few of my photos of Budapest in Hungary. The city is spectacular at night. The bridge over the Danube connects the old cities of Buda and Pest, and the Parliament Buildings after dark is one of the most photographed subjects in this country.

It was a wonderful ending point for a wonderful cruise!