Sandal Grenada | Review & Tips | with Shari Marsh

 Shari Marsh, owner of  Cruise Holidays Land & Sea, Certified Sandals Specialist and AMR Master Agent, joins Ken of Ask A Real Travel Expert to review the differences between these two all inclusive vacation providers. Both Sandals and Secrets provide an exceptional all inclusive experience, Shari details how she determines which resort is right for her particular guests. Shari and Ken discuss options for folks looking for an adults-only vacation in the Caribbean and other parts of the world. Shari relates how Sandals is privately owned versus Secrets being part of a much larger corporation; Hyatt World. Both have their advantages particularly when it comes to couples looking a particular destination or for those on a budget. Both Sandals and Secrets are adults-only but both companies offer a family brand as well Beaches in the case of Sandals and Dreams in the case of Secrets. Shari indicates that quite often the resorts are in close proximity for those looking for a multi generational experience. And finally, Shari dispels the myth that these resorts are only frequented by the “beautiful people” as she and Ken look at the demographics found at resorts.