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Weddings are a special day in everyone’s life. Some of us only have the one, about half of us have two, and some folks make many trips down the aisle. Honeymoons are special too, and since we only experience a honeymoon maybe once (or twice) despite all the times we may have tied the knot, that honeymoon should be outstanding.

Sometimes the honeymoon can be reserved to re-visit a place of meaning for the newly wed couple, to just have a relaxing vacation away from it all, or to pursue a mutual passion. But for those who decide that this is the time to go all out and try something just a little different than the normal escape, here’s a few suggestions for luxury honeymoons with links to examples.*

Tropical with a Difference

Ask anyone what their idea of a paradise beach destination would be and chances are the Seychelles, the Maldives, and Bora Bora would be on the top of the list. The Seychelles are certainly remote for those seeking a relaxing stay: it is that archipelago of islands off East Africa in the Indian Ocean. Don’t think for one minute that its location means you are roughing it. Far from it as luxury 5-star hotels are numerous. The Maldives are another group of islands in the Indian Ocean but closer to Asia. Here you will find luxury hotels and those quaint accommodations on stilts over the water. What could be more romantic than the sound of water gently lapping outside your room over the gentle popping of bubbles from your champagne? Bora Bora also boasts this type of luxury stay but this time you are in the Pacific in the group of islands known as French Polynesia.

Be a King and Queen

Most kings and queens of history lived in castles and you can imagine yourselves peers of the realm by spending your honeymoon in “castle hotels”. Stay in a Scottish castle for the history, scenery, fishing, and hiking,or skip across the water to Ireland for some of the same plus those lively Irish pubs. Mainland Europe more to your liking? Romantic Tuscany offers a few castles and villas to fulfill your most exacting dream honeymoon locale.

Is Destination Paramount?

Paris is the honeymoon city  of the world and there is no lack of exquisite hotels. Who wouldn’t want to stroll out on the balcony to view the Eiffel Tower on the horizon or be a stone’s throw from the Champs-Elysees? Greece is another country perfectly attuned to romance. Wake up to the blues and whites on Mykonos, stroll through bustling, friendly villages and bask in the Mediterranean sunshine. And then there is Santorini – a jewel in the Mediterranean that offers stays on the cliffside with endless pools that reach to the horizon of sea and sky many hundreds of meters above the deep waters of the caldera below.

Adventure is Your Passion

If an active or adventure honeymoon is your choice, try a rain forest camp in Thailand where you sleep in actual tents – it’s still luxury though! Or spend your nights by the mountains near Machu Picchu and your days exploring this ancient part of Peru. Neighboring Chile has an area beautiful and wild, just perfect for hiking – Torres del Paine National Park. Stay in luxury close by and rough it on the terrain at will. Like your honeymoon a little warmer and wilder – animals, that is? Try a luxury safari lodge in northeastern South Africa for an experience you will never forget.

And Now for Something Completely Different …

If “quirky’ is your middle name, here are more suggestions that are just a little out of the ordinary:

Wherever you decide to travel to celebrate your nuptials, be sure to make all the arrangements through your trusted travel professional. After all, who needs worries and frustrations on your perfect honeymoon?

*All accommodations mentioned in this article are for purposes of displaying some of the options that exist for a luxury honeymoon and are not specifically endorsed by this website. Please follow the personal advice of your travel professional for options suitable for you as a couple, your lifestyle, tastes and budget.


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Luxury Honeymoons- Paris

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