7 Items Worth Packing

Our Input into that Important Packing List

Every experienced traveler has a go-to list of items he or she would not travel without. Here is another take on that all important packing list whether you are going by land, sea or air:

#7  Zip lock bags. Make these a medium to large size as they don’t take up much space empty. Great for corralling all the same little items when going through pre-boarding security checks, such as meds in one bag, allowable liquids in another, etc. They can protect your camera or phone at the beach, or when engaging in water sports. And they store your worn unmentionables and smelly shoes away from clean clothing if you do not utilize a laundry on your journey.Bag_Shoes_glasses

#6  An extra luggage bag, the kind that folds up into a compact package or tube you can slip in a purse or a pocket. We all seem to accumulate “stuff” on our travels – mementos, souvenirs, gifts, or clothing we buy to supplement a need we forgot when packing. This type of bag won’t do for checked luggage but is great for your carry-on.

#5  A travel scale. You can purchase these small, clever digital scales that don’t take up much room in your luggage. Know before you hit the airport if your bags are overweight so your belongings can be re-distributed, or unnecessary items left behind. Have you ever seen people in a busy airport struggling with open luggage deciding how much and where they can put their belongings so their luggage can be checked? It is not a pretty sight.

#4 Comfy, well-worn shoes. Somewhere, somehow you are going to need them – to relieve your feet from the blisters a la those new stylish shoes you wore yesterday, or to partake in an unexpected excursion opportunity you can’t miss, or to shop-till-you-drop in the those miles of quaint or trendy stores you discover.Glasses

#3  An extra pair of your prescription glasses. If you don’t require glasses of any sort, how lucky you are! But for most of us, loss of our glasses (or contacts) can range from being annoying inconvenient to downright unthinkable.  A vacation is lost where you can’t see anything! At the very least, take your vision prescription with you – that is, if you think you would have the time, money and opportunity to get the prescription filled in your travel itinerary. It’s far easier to take the extra pair of glasses.

#2  Photocopies of your important travel documents. Even photocopy your credit card(s). If something is lost or stolen, you have a reference to go by, especially in the case of a passport. The photocopies should be kept separate from the originals.Passport

#1  A cell phone ( or tablet, distant second choice). It costs too much to use a cell phone so why should I bother, you say? Because being able to phone is not the reason to take your device! Use it as your camera – it probably takes awesome photos (unless you are a purist when it comes to photography). Install handy travel applications before you go. Use it to while away long layovers at an airport by playing games. Let it be your computer connection to keep in touch by email if necessary. It’s great for GPS to keep you on track. And no need for a wake up call as it can act as your travel alarm. And of course, you can always use it as a phone too. Just be sure: 1. You take your charger; 2. You take a converter if necessary; And 3. You have the correct data plan before you leave home and turn off the roaming when not needed.Cell-phone

The physically largest item on this list of seven?  Probably the shoes. But hey, you can stuff them with the scale, the glasses, the collapsible bag, the photocopies, the charger, and so on … and put them inside a big zip lock bag. You don’t even have to leave something home to accommodate it all.

What’s on your list of must-haves?

This article originally appeared in The Travel Bucket. Images courtesy of Bigstock and Pixabay.